The Dream Team

Quarterly, in-person meetings where Dustin and other successful appraisers meet to help you transform your business

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“After joining the Dream Team Mastermind, my revenue increased by more than 75%”

-Matt Frentheway
(Dream Team Member since March of 2014)

Membership in the Dream Team Mastermind is the pinnacle of coaching and mentorship for appraisers. As a member, you are automatically the beneficiary of all of the All Star Team and Appraiser Academy benefits and at no additional cost. In addition to the All Star Team access and membership in the elite Appraiser Academy, belonging to the Dream Team Mastermind also gives you these additional benefits:

Every quarter, Dream Team members physically gather in a boardroom in one of several cities nationwide for an all day, mastermind experience that cannot be described any other way than 'magical.' You will be placed with a 'family' of super-successful appraiser business owners who come together for one reason; to help each other succeed. This VIP group spends an entire day together working on their individual goals, ideas, visions, problems, questions, etc. in a positive, uplifting environment where everyone is there to lift each other.

Each Dream Team member is allocated approximately an hour to discuss whatever they want help with. The group of 6-9 appraisers all pitch in to share ideas, past mistakes and successes as well as encouragement. Dustin Harris is nearly always present and assisting with his expertise as well. Halfway through the day, the team breaks and Dustin pays for lunch where discussion ranges from anything and everything that has not been covered in the allotted meeting time to your family and hobbies.

This is truly a team environment where lifelong friendships will be made. Finally after everyone has shared and received assistance, accountability and goal setting takes place where you put into action steps what you will do over the next three months to move your appraisal business in a more successful and profitable direction. The Dream Team is not for everyone as it requires some travel and dedication, but if you are ready to see your business success explode, consider joining us in one of the following cities soon:

Current Mastermind Groups Include:

Las Vegas, NV #1
Las Vegas, NV #2
Washington, DC
Chicago, IL

Salt Lake City, UT
Dallas, TX

Please Call or Text (208)745-9330 to find out our current openings in the above cities,
or you can also email theassistant@theappraisercoach.com with your questions.

During this meeting, appraisers meet with a handful of other appraisers (including Dustin Harris) for the sole purpose of improving their appraisal businesses. The entire day is dedicated to learning principles of success, presenting challenges for group brainstorming ideas, setting goals, and holding each other accountable. Between meetings, members interact privately with each other online for assistance with challenges or ideas that might come to them.

-This is a POSITIVE & PRODUCTIVE environment
-Confidentiality is strictly enforced
-No one has an agenda except to help each other succeed
-There is a no direct competitor guarantee (no two appraisers cover the same geographical area)
-This is a friendly, safe place to share successes, failures, questions, challenges, goals, and achievements
-Each member of the group brings questions, concerns and ideas about creating the most successful appraisal office possible. Throughout the course of the day, EVERYONE has time to share and all benefit from the thoughts and ideas of others which they take back home and implement.

As humans, we are generally predisposed to stagnate. We find an acceptable status quo and stick with it. By doing so, we prevent ourselves from reaching our full potential. Our lives could be so much better and we could be so much happier. Invest in a Mastermind Group where you will constantly be getting new ideas and motivation! This is not for everyone. Only those who are interested in truly taking their businesses to the highest level possible should consider this opportunity.

When you sign up on the form below, you will give your 3 top counties that you work in. We GUARANTEE no one else in the group will cover even ONE of those counties. Of course, that means, if one of your competitors has already signed up, we cannot include you in the group either, SO SIGN UP FAST TO SECURE YOUR SPOT.

What's Included with your Dream Team Mastermind Membership:

Quarterly In-Person Meetings
With a small group of VIP Appraisers

FREE Access to 5 of Dustin's Most Popular Workshops & Webinars

  • Go Create Some Value Workshop ($295 Value)
  • Reconciliation & You Webinar ($59 Value)
  • Regression Basics Webinar ($59 Value)
  • Mobile Appraising Webinar ($195 Value)
  • Alternative & Desktop Valuations Webinar ($69 Value)

Private VIP Facebook Group
Exclusive access to the private VIP Facebook Group for Dream Team Members Only as well as direct access to Dustin.

Monthly Meeting
Monthly live webinar/private meetings with other appraisers, where members participate live in Micro Mentoring with Dustin

Library of Previous Meetings
Archived recordings (video & audio) of all monthly meetings

FREE Access to the "Go Create Some Value" Workshop
$295 Value!

Full Color, 8 Page Coach's Monthly Playbook in Audio & Digital Form
You will receive tips and tricks to run a successful appraisal office, plus secrets Dustin uses in his own, highly successful, appraisal firm. View input and feedback from other appraisers who are also members of the team. You will also learn valuable marketing ideas to grow both your lender and non-lender business. Every month has new, informative information and can be read online, or listened to in audio format while you drive around taking your comp pictures.

Closed "Members Only" Online Discussion Board
Exclusive access to a private Facebook page for members only as well as direct access to Dustin.

Member's Only Area
Special, member’s only area full of past video meetings as well as handouts and tools Dustin uses to run his highly successful appraisal firm.

25% Off Private One-On-One Consulting with Dustin

25% Off Many Webinars and Other Products

Huge Discounts!
Huge discounts (worth many times over the cost of the membership) to Appraiser Coach events, workshops, webinars, and special promotions.

Meet Your Instructor

Dustin Harris
Dustin Harris

Dustin Harris is a super-successful, self-employed, residential real estate appraiser. He has been appraising for over two decades. He is the owner and President of Appraisal Precision and Consulting Group, Inc., and is a popular author, speaker and consultant. He also owns and operates The Appraiser Coach where he personally advises and mentors other appraisers helping them to also run successful appraisal companies and increase their net worth. He and his wife reside in Idaho with their four children.

Content Included with Purchase

The Coach's Playbook
A Monthly Newsletter in both Digital & Audio Formats
1 Content Bundle
The Appraiser Academy
Virtual, online meetings on a monthly basis where principles of success are taught and members participate live
2 Content Bundle
Go Create Some Value
Creating a Successful Appraisal Firm
Dustin Harris
Mobile Appraising: Everything You Need To Know To Get Started Using Lasers and Tablets In The Field
Become a Mobile Appraising Expert Though This Three Hour Workshop
Dustin Harris
Alternative and Desktop Valuations; What Are They? Join Dustin in this 2-Part Webinar to Find Out if You Should Use Them
Watch and download both parts of the live webinar recordings - plus more!
Dustin Harris
Reconciliation and You - with Timothy C. Andersen
National USPAP Instructor and MAI
Dustin Harris
The Regression Basics Webinar Series
Josh Walitt

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