The Dream Team with Mastermind Groups

Quarterly, In-Person or On-Line meetings where Dustin and other successful appraisers meet to help you transform your business


The Dream Team Mastermind Groups will help you put your focus in the right place.

“After joining the Dream Team Mastermind, my revenue increased by more than 75%” -Matt Frentheway (Dream Team Member since March of 2014)

What's Included with your Dream Team Mastermind Membership

Quarterly In-Person or On-Line Meetings: With a small group of VIP Appraisers

Private VIP Facebook Group: With direct access to Dustin on a daily basis.

Online Check-in with Dustin and Your Group Members: In between the quarterly meetings to ask questions and move forward with your goals.

Full Color, 8 Page Coach's Monthly Playbook in Audio & Digital Form: You will receive tips and tricks to run a successful appraisal office.

Member's Only Resource Library: Handouts and tools Dustin uses to run his highly successful appraisal firm.

Monthly Online Conferences with the Coach: Where members participate in a live, online meeting and Micro Mentoring with Dustin

Free Access to All Archived Meetings and Playbooks: See below

Free Access to All of Dustin's Most Popular Workshops & Webinars: See below

25% Off Private One-On-One Consulting with Dustin

Online Mastermind Groups Include:
The Online Mastermind Group (Meets During: Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct):
To be in this group you must be able to join each meeting through both audio and video connection.
Each member gets individual talk time, along with interacting with other appraisers throughout the meeting.

In-Person Groups: You do not have to live in these locations in order to attend
LA (Meets During: Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct) in Los Angeles
SLC 1 (Meets During: Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct) in Salt Lake City
SLC 2 (Meets During: Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct) in Salt Lake City

DC (Meets During: Feb, May, Aug, Nov) in Washington DC
CHI (Meets During: Feb, May, Aug, Nov) in Chicago, IL
NASH (Meets During: Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec) in Nashville, TN
DALL (Meets During: Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec) in Dallas, TX

Please email [email protected] to find out our current openings in the above cities

When you sign up please complete the Pop-Up Form on the following page, and remember to list the email address you use to log into Facebook, as this is how we add you to the group.

And also list your top choice for the location you would like to attend for the quarterly meetings. As a member, you are automatically the beneficiary of all of the All Star Team benefits at no additional cost.

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Content Included with Purchase

The All Star Team
An exclusive look into the principles behind Dustin's super successful appraisal business
7 Content Bundle
Monthly Online Conferences
Virtual, online conferences, on a monthly basis where principles of appraisal success are taught and members participate live
Dustin Harris
The Coach's Playbook - Online Newsletter
A Monthly Newsletter in both Digital & Audio Formats
1 Content Bundle
Members Only Resource Library
20+ Appraiser Documents to Provide You With the Resources You Need
Dustin Harris
Go Create Some Value
Creating a Successful Appraisal Firm
Dustin Harris
Go Remodel Your Appraisal Business - In Dustin's 14 Session, Self-Paced Workshop
Take Your Appraisal Office To the Next Level of Success
Dustin Harris
Mobile Appraising: Everything You Need To Know To Get Started Using Lasers and Tablets In The Field
Become a Mobile Appraising Expert Though This Three Hour Workshop
Dustin Harris
Alternative and Desktop Valuations; What Are They? Join Dustin in this 2-Part Webinar to Find Out if You Should Use Them
Watch and download both parts of the live webinar recordings - plus more!
Dustin Harris
The State Board - Find Out What to Do When They Come Knocking!
Dustin Harris
Reconciliation and You - with Timothy C. Andersen
National USPAP Instructor and MAI
Dustin Harris
The Regression Basics Webinar Series
Josh Walitt
The Paperless Appraisal Office eBook
How to Cut Costs and Increase Simplicity By Going Digital
Dustin Harris

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