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"Thanks for another amazing On-Line Appraiser Meeting. I was not able to attend this time, but I listened to it in the car while I was driving to a far away appointment. The drive went fast with all the great information I received. Thanks Dustin for all you do for me and other appraisers. Seriously, my appraisal and personal life has been so richly blessed by you and your teachings." -T. Elliot

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Full Color, 8 Page Coach's Monthly Playbook in Audio & Digital Form: You will receive tips and tricks to run a successful appraisal office.

All Star Team Facebook Group: With direct access to Dustin on a daily basis.

Member's Only Resource Library: Handouts and tools Dustin uses to run his highly successful appraisal firm.

Monthly Conference with the Coach: Where members participate live in a webinar and Micro Mentoring with Dustin

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Virtual, online meetings on a monthly basis where principles of appraisal success are taught and members participate live
Dustin Harris
The Coach's Playbook - Online Newsletter
A Monthly Newsletter in both Digital & Audio Formats
1 Content Bundle
Members Only Resource Library
20+ Appraiser Documents to Provide You With the Resources You Need
Dustin Harris
Alternative and Desktop Valuations; What Are They? Join Dustin in this 2-Part Webinar to Find Out if You Should Use Them
Watch and download both parts of the live webinar recordings - plus more!
Dustin Harris
The State Board - Find Out What to Do When They Come Knocking!
Dustin Harris
Reconciliation and You - with Timothy C. Andersen
National USPAP Instructor and MAI
Dustin Harris
The Regression Basics Webinar Series
Josh Walitt

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