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There Are A Few Ways You Can Work with Dustin with One-on-One Coaching

One-on-One Business Coaching via one Live Video Session with Dustin Harris $350

These sessions are scheduled for 45 minutes

Members, remember to use your coupon code at checkout for your 25% off and save $87.50 (Total member price is $262.50)

Package of Six One-on-One Business Coaching via Live Video Sessions with Dustin Harris $1800 in 3 easy monthly payments of $600 (You save $300 with this package!)

Members, you can also use your coupon code at checkout with this purchase to save an additional 25% and get the whole package for only $1350 in 3 easy monthly payments of $450 (Members save $450 with this package)

  • One Evaluation and Vision Session for 45 mins
  • Four Coaching and Mentoring Sessions for 45 mins each
  • One Wrap Up Session for 45 mins

Tom C.
He is very easy to talk to and completely understands where you as an appraiser are coming from. From my personal experience is very down to earth and knowledgeable. I definitely recommend him.

Jeff FitzGerald
Yes! I was in one of the Mastermind groups and it changed my business. Dustin is as real as it gets and you will not regret the investment.

Meet Your Instructor

Dustin Harris
Dustin Harris
Though Dustin Harris wears many different hats, he finds the most joy in assisting real estate appraisers with streamlining their businesses in order to be more efficient, work smarter and make more money.
If you are interested in hiring The Coach to assist you with your appraisal business questions, there are many customized ways to facilitate such assistance including via Skype, webmeeting, Facetime, telephone or in person.

This course is only available through a membership